Opening Night

Curious what the Hamilton fuss is all about? Or do you already love it but don’t have the chance or the Ben Franklins to see it live in New York or Chicago? If so, you’re in the right place. Come on in for a virtual performance over the course of the next month and a half.

Here’s the deal. All of the dialogue in Hamilton is in the songs; they comprise the entire narrative of the show. And all the songs are available on YouTube….or for purchase of course.

So you could sit down in a red upholstered seat, burn five or ten $100 bills, and listen to the soundtrack and you would essentially have the experience of seeing Hamilton on Broadway. Well, except for the actual seeing it part.

That’s where this virtual performance comes in.

Every day for the next 46 days I’m going to set the scene for you for each song in Hamilton in order. I’ll tee up what’s going on and then link you to the next song. So come join me in luxury box…or luxury blogs. As your host, I’ll throw in a little pre-song conversation, with some thoughts, historical tidbits, and links to interesting info. If you want to skip the chatter, just jump ahead to the song link – I won’t talk while you’re listening. And feel free to talk back in the comments box, at intermission of course.

I was going to start telling you a little about the story but why bother? The lights are already going down and I’ll let Aaron Burr tell it. He’s our main narrator for all of this. Read on.

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