“Right Hand Man”

The oldest regular Army unit on active duty is the 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery. They served in Iraq, Vietnam, World Wars I and II. They fought in Mexico and the Philippines and the Battle of Little Big Horn. Going back further, in the Civil War, they fought at the Battles of Manassas, Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. In the Revolutionary War, they fought at key battles in New Jersey and New York and at the decisive battle of Yorktown. They were originally constituted under the name the New York Provincial Company of Artillery in 1776 as a unit started from scratch by a 21 year old who was still in college at the time. His name was Alexander Hamilton. artillery-flag

Hamilton’s leadership and bravery with his unit gained him the attention of George Washington and landed him a spot on General Washington’s staff. He became so invaluable in his role as aide de camp managing Washington’s relationships with Congress and other generals that Washington kept deferring Hamilton’s request to get out of headquarters and have his own military command.

Today’s song “Right Hand Man” is a great chronicle of Hamilton’s early military ascent and the military history of Washington’s withdrawal from New York City. It also includes a perfect rhyme with The Battle of Monmouth, not an easy task.

Washington kicking Burr out of his when Hamilton arrives is a dramatic flourish but Burr did serve under Washington before Hamilton and left in frustration that he wasn’t playing a bigger role in setting military strategy.





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