“Stay Alive (Reprise)”


What else is there to say about a song that’s basically consists of distraught parents begging their dying son to stay alive? That includes that son apologetically telling his father, “I did exactly as you said Pa” (which is what got him into this mess) and reminiscing with his mom about the piano lessons she gave him? And — spoiler alert — a song that includes the rhythm of a heartbeat that stops abruptly at the very same moment that son stops singing in the middle of a line?

That’s Craftsman-quality wrenching from song craftsmen Lynn-Manuel Miranda and music director Alex Lacamoire.

In yet another parallel between Philip’s death and Alexander’s three years later, the same physician attended them as they died of their wounds. I would say it was time for the Hamilton family to find a new doctor, but better advice would be to give up dueling.

Now I’ll bolt and leave you to it.

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