Alexander Hamilton’s decision to publish a 95-page booklet describing his infidelity is baffling, but it wasn’t quite as impetuous as the musical suggests. The song suggests Hamilton took the step proactively once his political enemies learned of his affair. In fact, rumors of Hamilton’s affair circulated among Jefferson and other Republican leaders for more than… Continue reading “Hurricane”

“We Know”

It was probably inevitable that Hamilton’s affair with Mariah Reynolds (covered in the Say No to This post) would be discovered. Mariah and especially her husband James seem like characters from a Coen Brothers film — small time con artists who land a big score but eventually burn themselves and everyone around them. Sooner or… Continue reading “We Know”

“One Last Time”

I would not have thought George Washington’s farewell address could make me teary. I thought wrong. This is a powerful song for a powerful moment, presenting Washington’s decision to step down after serving two terms — a dramatic move that had profound implications for protecting American democracy. Consider the fact that at the same time Washington… Continue reading “One Last Time”