“Farmer Refuted”

This song presents a public confrontation between Bishop Samuel Seabury speaking out about the dangers of starting a war for independence and our hero Alexander Hamilton. The debate actually happened, but took place through a series of anonymous pamphlets. Seabury wrote under the name “A Westchester Farmer,” and Hamilton’s response was titled “Farmer Refuted” (and… Continue reading “Farmer Refuted”

“The Schuyler Sisters”

Burr rejoins us as narrator to introduce us the Schuyler sisters: the pivotal Angelica and  Eliza…oh, and Peggy. Poor Peggy doesn’t get many lines but it’s only a matter of time before someone comes out with a hit show telling Hamilton from her perspective, as “Wicked” retold the Wizard of Oz….

“My Shot”

My Shot is Hamilton’s “I want” song, the one you know from every Disney musical. (Think Ariel singing how she wants to be “part of our world” in The Little Mermaid or Frozen’s Elsa singing about self acceptance while she magically builds herself a palatial ice condo after moving out of her folks’ place.) In… Continue reading “My Shot”